You were always lazy!


So turns out I have been pretty damn sick for sometime.  And I just thought I might have been a hypochondriac!  It started with a bunch of kidney stones when I was in my late teens.  A salty old doctor, WWII vet, told me it looked like I had a disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease,  The doctor said “Lose some damn weight and you should be okay until you’re in your 60s.”  Well I made it to 40.

I always felt like I lacked ambition, turns out it was kidney failure the entire time…who knew!

For almost 20 years I had been treated for the stones, but nobody seemed to be all that excited about the big freaking balls of fluid growing on my kidneys!

Then I decided self-employment would be a swell idea and went for 10 years without health insurance.  After a failed marriage and a really bad relationship, I met a woman that loved me and decided I should probably seek some medical attention.  Seems like certain foods or drinks (beer) would make me violently sick.  Thanks to a wonderful doctor at an income based health clinic, I was on my way to the OSU Nephrology Center.

After my first visit I was, to say the least, overwhelmed. Words like transplant, dialysis, death, pain had my head swimming. After the first doctors appointment, they sent me to a dialysis center for an orientation. I think to scare me – it worked!

The biggest thing I figured out was that I was not a hypochondriac. I always felt bad, but figured I was being lazy and not working hard enough. Turns out the harder I worked, the faster it made the disease grow. And my diet was horrible – fast food, bad food, pizza, spaghetti, and bananas and oranges. All nails in the coffin. The harder I worked, the less sleep I got, the sicker I became.

Listen to your body, it is usually right.



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