An Angel

I met an angel today.  Her name is Andie.  I truly believe that God sent her to us in our worst hours.  He sent her to us when he knew we were doubting and needed to be reminded that he has a path laid out for us that we should not doubt or question.

When I say Shannon found a kidney donor – he actually found an amazing angel that is a gift from God.  She has given both of us an entire new view of life.  

Life has been tough.  It has been kicking both of us HARD.  We push forward and look around us and try to count our blessing – but it is HARD.

Nobody around us can truly understand what has happened or how this entire experience has changed who we are over the last few years – especially in the past 18 months.  So many times looking back I wonder how we made it.  How we are still together and working through everything.  I truly believe God is what holds us together.  When I begin losing faith – Shannon finds it.  When Shannon begins losing faith – something happens that helps me find it again.  When we both lose our faith at the same time?  WHOA.  Watch our world.  Our poor family and friends.  We are a hot mess then and probably should not be in public.  HA HA!

Anyways..I digress.  There is plenty of time to share the symptoms of his PKD, but today it is about this amazing woman who has chosen to put her life on the line for the love of my life. 

Today I met an angel.  And her husband who is also an angel.  It was a life changing day to meet someone with such faith and belief in her life path.  We are so blessed and I am so moved by their gift to Shannon!  Today we met Andie who has chosen to give her kidney to Shannon.  How we feel right now cannot even be put into words as you can imagine!  WOW!




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