Put on a happy face!

Put on a happy face!

Adrenaline is a lifesaver.  Well I’m not sure that is medically what has kept me going, but it sounds good.  I have been putting on a happy face in public for 4 years.  My wife gets the ugly, tired, pissy me.  God love her!  

Owning a small business and trying to build it while dealing with Stage 5 renal failure due to PKD is/has been a challenge.  Trying to build the business, get customers, keep customers happy, deal with employees, pay the bills and not have my wife/business partner choke me out and feel like shit the whole time can be exhausting.  And as I discovered, PKD causes depression, memory loss, and confusion.  I knew I was nuts, now I have medical proof!  I lived very much by the “ never let them see you sweat!”


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