More sunny days to come

As I sit this morning and look at the beautiful sunny day, I hear everyone say “this is the last pretty day!” I disagree. Everyday is as beautiful as you make it! I have my Fairlane out for what is most likely the last ride for about 3 months. I reflect on the changes I have been through in my life since we bought that old thing 22 years ago. My dad and I went to look at it on a cold March day in 1994, if I could have only see what would happen in life from that point on! Honestly, there have been so many changes, lots of super highs and super lows. Life is not easy, but it was never meant to be. I am at a point where I am facing the biggest challenge I have ever faced. I am not going to lie and say I am not a little nervous. It just put life in perspective. What is important, what is not. I am blessed to have both of my parents with me and the most loving wife and companion, she is my defender and protector! So, count blessings everyday! Not just on the sunny ones!




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