Please visit the link below to support Andie with her recovery!  The story from the site is below for more information and how you can support her.

Mean Train Plus for Andie

A few months ago while Andi was at work, she was talking with a patient who was leaving the office after an appointment. As she spoke with him, she started to realize that she knew this person. It turned out to be a long lost friend from her hometown whom she hadn’t seen in 10 years! After hearing his story, she knew in her heart that she wanted to help him. Without hesitation, Andi immediately decided to find out if she could donate one of her kidneys to her friend. She knew the odds weren’t great that she would be a match for him but she was willing to join a donor matching program if she wasn’t. After going through multiple medical tests over the past few months, it was determined that Andi was a match!

On Friday, December 2nd, Andi will become a living donor and donate one of her kidneys to her friend! We are so amazed by her selfless gift that we want to do everything we can to show our support and love to her in the weeks after the surgery. If you are able to help by providing a meal, dropping off groceries or offering a ride, we would be so grateful. Andi will be unable to work during the month of December as she recovers but she only has a very limited amount of paid time off. In an effort to ease the burden of not having a paycheck and with Christmas right around the corner, any financial donation you could make would be greatly appreciated.

As Andi herself would tell you, the Lord is working out all of the details of this story. While she is the one giving a kidney, she wants the focus to remain on Him. The Lord led her to her job which provided the exact timing for her to reconnect with her friend, all the while knowing that Andi would be a perfect match. He provided this amazing opportunity to help someone in need and Andi is choosing to meet that need. We’re unbelievably proud of her…in this gift to her friend and in her testimony for the Lord. We ask that you support her in any way that you can, most importantly in prayer in the coming weeks.


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