One week left.  One week until our lives change forever.

How fitting is it that today is  Thanksgiving – also the day we decided to announce to our family that Shannon found a kidney donor!  It gives Thanksgiving an entirely new meaning this year as we celebrate today and every day.  It was as though we are in our own little bubble when we looked at each other across the table thinking about everything that has and will change.  

We have always been very thankful each Thanksgiving and every day of our lives.  This Thanksgiving however we have an entirely different level of being thankful.  This Thanksgiving everything feels so real and like a new beginning.  

As my friends post on Facebook and share their blessings I just want to shout from the rooftops how thankful I am for the path God is leading us on and helping us cross paths with Andie.  I know many times I feel so angry about my path and forget to embrace where I am in life.  On days like today, I am reminded about the gift of life.  I also am celebrating Thanksgiving a little differently as we look ahead to what is to come and the journey we have traveled.






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