Roller Coaster

T-minus 4 days and counting until surgery.  I was told to not stay in a bubble over the holiday.  So I didn’t!  (My wife had preferred I stay in the bubble though.)   Now I am fighting a stuffy head and sore throat.  My Dr. here in Z-ville feels I may have possibly stirred up my allergies.  I kicked up a bunch of dust the other night at home.  I am praying that being around people did not make me sick!  Ugh!

I am still not done with anything I wanted to accomplish before transplant.  I need to just let what gets done be enough.

Yesterday started slow (as usual).  Heather called and told me about the stuff happening at OSU.  Not long after, my coordinator from transplant called.  She was a mess because of the chaos there.  She was still wonderful, I let her talk about what was going on and she calmed down.

To ice my emotional cake yesterday, I learned that my other home, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, was burning.  I had a really hard time getting to sleep last night.  This has been my zen place all of my life.  Not just the town, but the National Park as well.  Such beauty, I know it will recover, the forest and the town.  I need to see it like me right now.  I am worn out and struggling and getting a second chance at life to be healthier.  Maybe that is what the town and forest needed.

We can heal, together, I need to look at it as a rebirth.  Stuff is temporary.  Man can destroy, but God can rebuild!  I want to come out of surgery the same person with upgrades!  Physically, but more importantly spiritually!

God Bless!




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