December 1, 2016

Well kids, here we go!  It is 9:25 p.m. and I and writing from my hospital bed at OSU Wexner Medical Center. What a day!!

Woke up this morning and took some time to make myself pretty for the next week or so’s adventure.  We went to the attorney and picked up my will, power of attorney, and living will. A whole lot of heavy big kids stuff. We ran home and picked up the for kids and took them to our puppy sitter.  Then stopped at Starbucks (to get my chai fix).  Went back home to get our stuff and zoom to the Chamber of Commerce to check out the Christmas tree auction items. The tree auction has become an annual tradition for Heather and I. This year it is going to be strange not going, but a kidney overrules trees.

We arrived in Columbus late as usual! (LOL!). We checked in swiftly and came right to my room. I settled in and then it was rapidfire for about two hours. I met my fellow surgeon Dr. Albu.  We hit it off great. He is a hoot! It was movie lines and laughs.  He asked what kind of music I liked and asked if classic rock was OK for the surgery. How awesome!  Heather got a little pale when they told me all of the risks of the transplant, but not for the reasons I had thought. Then we talked about the central line they were going to put in my neck. Yay! And yet another new experience !

That was an adventure for sure! I am still getting used to that one! The central line has been very strange. Anyway…

I also met with Dr. Pallitier. He is a cool dude. He has been doing this for 30 years! I am definitely in good hands.

At one point Heather, mom, dad, and our friend Levi PLUS my donor Andi and her husband were all in the room made for only two visitors. I’m sure they think we are all total hillbillies.

Here is what I know. I am a lucky guy! The support I have behind me in my donor is unbelievable!  God is amazing! The prayers and well wishes are too numerous to count!

Am I scared? Not really. Nervous? Yes. Confident I am in the right hands? Absolutely!  Heather will have to be the informer tomorrow. I might be a little out of it!

Thank you to everyone for their prayers. I can feel God’s love surround me!

Good night!



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