Good night

Whew!  I truly believe this might have been the longest day in all of our lives.  We are so blessed with all of your texts, messages, posts, and calls.  I am sorry if we have not gotten back to you.  Everything seemed to move so fast this afternoon and evening.  So many new meds and details to try to remember (plus I evidently fell asleep in the chair for a power nap).  In the upcoming days it will be nice to be able to sit and share your uplifting messages with Shannon as he begins his recovery.

Tonight as I was getting ready to head to the hotel, Andie surprised us and walked from her hospital room to Shannon’s!  It was so wonderful!  The photo below was from last night when he gave her the prayer shawl that Andrea made for her and the congregation of St. John’s Lutheran Church – Stovertown prayed over for her.  I had forgotten to share it last night, but when looking over photos tonight I thought it was fitting as I sit and watch these 2 wonderful friends smile and laugh after just having life changing surgery.  Andie giving the gift of life to her friend and Shannon start life all over again!

As I prepare to head back to the hotel, and Shannon to drift off to sleep (hopefully), we want to tell everyone how grateful we are for everything!  Today was the first step for the rest of our lives it feels like!  Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as Andie and Shannon begin the recovery process.  Seeing them this evening with smiles on their faces was amazing!

Good night folks!  This chick needs another power nap!

Love and God Bless!




4 thoughts on “Good night

  1. I just read all the blog posts from today to our mutual friend Jerry. I called him this afternoon to tell him that Shannon was in recovery. We are both praying for Andi and Shannon’s speedy recovery. Take care!

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