My other sister

5:50 pm

My cousin – Greta – came by the hospital this morning to take me to church with her.  I was so moved by the church service and it was just what I needed. I came back to the hospital inspired with my soul rested and ready to go!

After church she and her boyfriend Craig came to visit Shannon.  We love her so much!  I think we might have been separated at birth sometimes as she always knows what I need.  I came back to a smiling and rested husband when I returned to the hospital.  

When people ask how Shannon is feeling I keep saying he is a rock star.  He definitely is!  The spark is back in his eyes again and each day he is getting stronger.  Life is good!  




4 thoughts on “My other sister

    1. Not sure how soon we will be back at church, but maybe we can meet up sometime at home. Greta is my other partner in crime. God decided that he couldn’t handle us growing up together at the same age so he spaced us out some so the world could stay balanced. 🙂


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