Pastor Al

12:37 pm

It has been a busy morning today. I had all intentions of heading home about 10 or 11 this morning to work on shuffling furniture at the house in preparation for Shannon’s discharge from the hospital. We are not ready still!  Instead it has been a morning full of some education classes, more antirejection meds, someone from the patient experience office, dietitian, nurses, and other wonderful visitors.

The pretransplant coordinators both stopped by and we missed getting a picture with them so they may have to come back. Ha ha!

We did however manage to capture a shot of one of our amazing friends and pastor that stop by in the middle of the chaos and helped us find some calm in the storm today.  Pastor Al!  I told him he had to take a selfie with Brutus on his way out of the hospital so I am excited to see if he did. He looked at me like I was nuts of course. 

Shannon finally feels a little more rested and has a little bit less pain than he did a few hours ago. I can’t help to think that is because of Pastor Al and the transplant Cordinator’s stopping to see him.  Between prayer this morning and reviewing the blood work to see such good news things are progressing back up compared to a few hours ago when things looked so bleak because he was in so much pain.

Thank you again to everyone for all of their prayers. I am walking to Panera and Wendy’s in the hospital now because Mr. Davis finally has an appetite and that is very exciting news for us!



4 thoughts on “Pastor Al

  1. Haha, just read this, LMAO at asking Al to take a selfie with Brutus! The man doesn’t even know how to use the camera on his flip phone, let alone a selfie, LOL, so nope, he didn’t do it! When he was upgrading from his old flip phone, they asked him if he wanred his pictures moved. He said “What pictures?” They said there were 400 on his phone, but when they looked at them, they were all blank, so obviously pocket pictures!

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  2. Haha, too funny, asking Pastor Al to take a selfie. I asked him if he did it, and he said no, which I expected. He doesn’t know how to take a photo with his flip phone, let alone a selfie, LOL. He’s the guy who had 400 photos on his previous flip phone, all “pocket photos” he didn’t know it had taken.

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  3. Sorry I double posted, we were on the way back into Columbus for the hockey game and I could not see that my post went thru, so I tried again! Anyway, Al and electronics are so not on the same wavelength most of the time!


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