Traffic Jam

Whew, what a day! I woke up this morning feeling great. I was able to get about four consistent hours of sleep last night. That was very refreshing. I had an appetite this morning and ate all of my eggs. The surgical team stopped in and stated they we’re very happy with my progress. They took my cathiter out around 9:30 and the wheels fell off. I was warned that using the bathroom might be an issue, that was an understatement! I ended up with what they called a traffic jam. All of my body functions decided to leave at once. Needless to say it didn’t work out very well. I think the discomfort I felt was actually worse than the transplant itself. After a few hours of pure misery and the help of my wonderful and understanding nurse Kristen everything started working again. I’m still exhausted but at least I can relax now. I hope not to revisit this experience anytime soon. Heather went home today to work on last minuet preparations at the house with help from family. Andi wants to come by and visit and Heather will be back soon. Hope to have another good night sleep. If nothing goes haywire I should be getting turned loose tomorrow. Thank you again for thoughts and prayers! 



2 thoughts on “Traffic Jam

  1. I trust one day of the “wheels falling off ” will be enough, and pray that you can have another good night of good rest/sleep and tomorrow you will be released and have an uneventful trip home. Also glad family was able to help Heather today, maybe still helping at this time. 😎 kay w

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  2. I’m sorry for the hiccup but glad it was while you were still at the hospital. No more “traffic jams” onward to smooth sailing and great health. Make sure you rest and relax to let the healing process move forward. Sending you lots of love and prayers! Hope to see you soon!

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