Soooo…. my random thoughts for today will follow in a jumbled mess ….a week after discharge I am back at OSU again.  I was so hoping not to see this place until our follow-up appointment on Monday.  Thank goodness I am only here to pick up prescriptions at Walgreens and Shannon is home safe and sound! 

They made some adjustments to his Neoral dosage so hopefully that will help him find some energy.  Plus they refilled his pain medication since he is hurting so badly.

It has been a few days since either of us have posted anything.  I guess at this point what do you share?  It has been an emotional few days for me personally watching Shannon in so much pain.  I keep praying and hoping for relief for him as he is going through this healing stage.

Life has become a cycle of the alarm going off, up for 8 am meds, trying to force Shannon to eat something, squeeze in some work, trying to force Shannon to drink something, and before you know it the day is gone and it is time for 8 pm meds.  And then it happens all over again the next day.  Even with the cycle and routine we are getting in, I must admit I love the look on his face when he receives a Christmas card, get well card, or note from anyone in the mail!  Keep them coming please!  He LOVES them!!

The dogs came home on Saturday from our friend Elizabeth who had been watching them.  They were wound up and missing their papa. They are still learning to not suffocate him.  They have done well not jumping or laying on Shannon.  It has been a transition for them since they were so used to sleeping at the foot of the bed, but they are learning to go to their dog beds each night instead.  We have made 2 trips to the pet stores around us just to keep some of their energy down (even grabbed a photo with Santa!).  We definitely need the yard fenced in!  I might have to beg the neighbor to borrow her back yard some before long or send them to doggy day care when I return back to work.

I finally caved  last week and said it was time for us to venture out of the dark ages and install cable and internet.  I have been without cable for 10 years!  Shannon is like a kid in a candy store!  I can see we might have to have some rules for each other over control of the remote 😉 He is just like my father – channel flipper!  Ha ha!  

It was wonderful to see how excited Shannon was to watch the snow.  Hopefully Saturday we can work on shuffling some furniture and find some space for our Christmas tree as well.  He is getting in the Christmas spirit.  For the first time in our relationship he is so excited to put one up!   

I think that about sums things up for now.  I should have entitled this post – random thoughts by Heather!  There are so many more, but it is almost time to head back to the ‘ville.

Keep those prayers coming!




2 thoughts on “Meds

  1. Soo good to get some, any news and am reminded that I got distracted from sending the note I was planning, I figure that since no schools open including Crooksville, u are not missing any work including contact with students there, More later. k


  2. I was going to drop you a text the other day to see how things were going. So sorry to hear about the pain. 😦 Hopefully it lessens quickly. Let us know if we can work on a fence for you. Denny and I would love to help. Love and & Prayers!


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