Our Stovertown Peeps

10:30 pm

Today was full of so much joy after the stress of yesterday!  Shannon is still not feeling well, but seeing some of our amazing church family helped raise his spirits some just in time before the Sands party tonight.

Shannon slept all morning after the AM pills.  Little did he know a surprise was headed his way!  The annual St John’s Lutheran Church caroling group was headed to see him.  There was not a dry eye in the house!  Check out this group below!  Such a wonderful group of people.  I squeezed them so tight and just wanted them to stay.

After they left he had enough energy that he even ate more of Susan McDonald’s food that she had delivered!

After another quick rest I look up and see Stacy and Denny pull in the driveway for another surprise visit!  I think I could have talked their legs off all night!  Poor Stacy was stuck listening to me vent most of Saturday morning so it was so wonderful to see her in person and hug her.

After they left we hightailed it to Crooksville – meds and medical mask in tow – for the Sands family party at Kristine’s house.  It was so wonderful to have all of the nieces and nephews together in one spot even though we could only join them briefly.  They are all of course are so encouraging!  The girls keep pushing their medical knowledge as well which always impresses me. We are both so proud of all of them!

What an amazing and blessed day.  We needed to find strength again in our darkest hours.  And once again it was delivered.




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