Follow-up Appointment


Soooo…. we had a follow-up appointment this morning.  I know we have been waiting for days and days for this appointment and some answers.  At first the appointment got off to a rocky start and then the amazing Dr. Pelletier showed up!  He decided to admit Shannon to the hospital for additional testing and to rehydrate him.

There is a much longer story I will have Shannon share regarding the appointment once things calm down some.  The short story is that he is back at OSU on the 9th floor ready for some additional testing to see why he is feeling so badly.  Hopefully only for a few days, but we will wait and see.  He is getting an ultrasound now to check on “Pinto” and his old BFJ (Big Fat Jerk) Kidneys.

We will do better about updating the blog as things progress tomorrow.  Tonight will be full of rest.



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