I’m still ticking! 

Hello everyone! It has been a bumpy five or six days. I apologize for not posting more. My beautiful and worried wife had been posting updates. She is brutally honest and I love that. I figured I had better jump in and write from my view.

Yesterday and last night were just about as challenging I want for a while. Between not being able to eat or drink, not being able to poo and the muscle cramps, my nurses earned their pay with me yesterday! (They were wonderful by the way!) I will save my reasons why this all happened when I find out for sure what caused it. I have my theories, but I am not going to throw anyone under the bus, yet. In a nutshell, when Shannon Davis says he doesn’t feel right, please listen. I felt more than a few things were skewed. I have been watching lab results like a hawk and I started seeing a negative trend. And when water, food and meds won’t go in, that is a problem. By the time I violently up chucked Friday night, I was sure we were in for a ride. Boy was it ever! 

During my check up yesterday morning, I was getting the same brick wall I had encountered on the phone. That was until my surgeon, Dr. Palletier came in and started listening and checking me over. He almost fell over himself to admit me and start to work. I am so thankful!  My first nurse was Maureen. She was with me for two days after transplant. She is a no BS savvy RN with a heart for the fighter. My night shift nurse, Orshey, (yes that was it, she said Hungarian) did a fabulous job getting me back on track. She did the best she could to keep me comfortable and not flipping out. She called the shift doctor and treated me with a cocktail of meds that started working to flush my system. After that a pain med, then light out. The cramping subsided and I was able to rest. 

I had a whole room full of visitors at one point today. Pastor Al paid a surprise visit, Andi and Jeff, and my sister and parents. I’m sure the ninth floor says, “here come all of those Zanesville hillbillies again.” They are family and I love them!

This morning I woke up much improved. I’m still not at 100% by any means. Currently, my right leg looks more like a Macy’s parade ballon! It is frustrating, but part of this game I suppose. 

Thanks to everyone praying and thinking of us during this time. We are sorry to scare people sometimes, but Heather and I vowed to alway be honest on this blog, good bad and ugly. Hope to check in tomorrow. Good night everyone! 

PS I pooped! I never in my life figured that would have so much meaning! 




3 thoughts on “I’m still ticking! 

  1. So glad, Shannon, to get this surprising to me report of the good, bad and ugly…………11 May this be the beginning of the anticipated recovery to good life and living well with Pinto. k


  2. yay for poo 🙂 Glad to hear from you. I do love “Feisty” Heather. You two balance each other out perfectly.Good to hear you are starting to feel better!


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