Time out 

5:20 pm

Thank goodness I didn’t realize Starbucks was such a short walk from the hospital until today.  That could have been dangerous!

The day has been a roller coaster to say the least.  I am struggling to find the peace that I found after his transplant. I cannot help but still feel uneasy some of the decisions that are being made and the decisions that were made last week. I know I need to give my worries to God, but somehow I have to move past this anger.  

My saving grace today was when I heard from the amazing Dr. Vensil. For the first time today I feel like everything is a back under control at least for whenever we come home.  I am so thankful to have him in my life not only is Shannon’s doctor but as a friend as well.  With the holidays I was wearing about how schedules go to work and all of the little details – Dr. Vensil has it all under control!  It was after his call I realized I needed a timeout to pray, collect my thoughts, and restart again.

Time for a timeout, a walk to clear my head, and a nice drink from Starbucks!  Praying for clarity and peace of mind tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “Time out 

  1. am praying with you, Heather and Shannon.

    I went to Advent service in town this eve. Pastor and Andrea were there and there was special prayer for Shannon. I hope your know ing that encourages you toward a better tomorrow. L and P, k


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