Christmas Tree

11:00 p.m.

Posting all the medical mumbo jumbo that has happened since Shannon was admitted into the hospital on Monday is exhausting so we had to take a time out.  So for those of you waiting on that post – I promise once we have answers – you will have answers.  At this point?  It seems as though no one know what is going on and it is a complete argument and waiting game.

So….that being said, lets focus on something important that happened today!  Today mom and Al delivered a Christmas tree from Susan Miller!  WOO HOO!  At first when Susan and others offered a tree I thought, “Nah, we will be okay.”  As Christmas Eve has drawn closer and Shannon has become more frustrated we finally asked Susan to send it up to us.  We both have been struggling this week trying to remain patient and help keep emotions in check.

Little did I know that it was her father, Bill Thomas Sr’s, Christmas tree!  This gentleman was so special to both Shannon and myself for many different reasons.  Shannon and I both have known him our entire lives for different reasons – Shannon because of their love for cars – me from going to Church with him.  Often I tell Shannon he is becoming Bill Thomas as he is getting older and he tries to preserve all of the old car parts.  I also always joke that a single Sunday car ride with Bill is what made Shannon so interested in talking with me.  Shannon and I became Facebook friends shortly before we began dating and he found photos of a Sunday afternoon cruise I attended with Jerry Imes, Bruce McConnell, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Lavy.

Once after we had been dating for a few months I heard Shannon tell Bill that once he saw the photos of me cruising in the Model T with all the cool kids he realized I must not have been that bad!  HA HA!  Evidently he thought I was an untameable wild child.

Bill then replied to me that Shannon must have been jealous because I was hanging out with such amazing people.  I told him only the cool kids get to go on Sunday cruises with that wild group of guys!  I of course remember that day like it was yesterday.  I truly believe it changed the course of my life forever – not only leading me to the love of my life and best friend, but creating new friendships with an amazing group of gentleman I can call my friends.

Next to the Christmas tree I put a mini snowman similar to the one from Grandpa Edwards house.  Each Christmas we helped him pull the larger version of this snowman from his basement for his front porch.  So much joy and memories to decorate our room with just these 2 small items.  It helps put everything back into perspective.

This Christmas tree is special to us.  Thank you so much to the Miller family for sharing it with us this Christmas season!  It arrived in some of our darkest hours.  It signifies so much love in our world. For the first time this week I believe we both will be sleeping peacefully tonight.  From our family and friends that are watching over us from heaven, to our friends and family that are here by our side each day over social media, phone, and in person.  Thank you to each one of you!  We love you so much!

Merry Christmas!  God Bless!




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