A very blessed Christmas Eve!

11:30 pm

We are so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends visiting us on Christmas Eve!  We’ve had a few bumps yesterday and today again medically, but everything is back on track hopefully!  They began giving him a new anti-rejection medicine about 11 a.m. today and removed the skunk pill (Neoral smells like a skunk) from his regimen.  I am curious how the next 24 hours will progress to see if something changes.

Scariest moment number 2 of our stay took place today (I am still not ready to blog about the scariest point of our visit so far – maybe after we are home) – At one point today Shannon was unable to walk.  We are not sure if the wheelchair ride pinched something or he overdid it.  Thank goodness we had an amazing nurse named Cara who took care of things immediately.  A vascular surgeon stopped in to check on everything and suggested that he rest.  Once he did, the pain subsided and he was back to normal (or as normal as he has been) again.  So we are not sure what happened.

That all being said…lets share some of the fun things that happened today!   With it being Christmas weekend we have been slow to share all of the medical excitement/exhaustion taking place.  We do know after this experience our lives have changed forever.  Life is in a much different perspective than before.  We will postpone all the medical stuff until it is finally sorted out.  It would be exhausting to read and follow so we have decided to share mainly the short updates, but TONS of photos of our celebrations!

Now for Christmas excitement!!

Shannon’s room is ready for Christmas!  The festivities are in full swing as though we are at home.  We are trying to stay up beat as Christmas Eve is always pretty emotional for both of us.  The Davis family came to the hospital today to attend church services with us about 12:30.  It was a beautiful service!  Shannon and I both of course cried as they sang Silent Night and Amazing Grace.  No matter what time of year we will cry of course when singing those songs.

It is difficult for us being here at times with today being my dad’s birthday and the Christmas Eve service tonight at church in Stovertown.  The service tonight at church was in honor and memory of my adopted grandfather Ken Mitchell.  Hopefully someone will be recording it for us so we can watch it when we get home.

After church service we went back to the room and Barb had brought a spread of food (of course ;)).  She brought 3 different pies, more decorations, a cheese and fruit tray, and a gift for the nurses station!  PLUS some other goodies for us. And of course she tried to smuggle in a bottle of wine.  HA HA!  I always tell Shannon his momma goes big!  She pulls out all the stops and wants to help him celebrate.  It was wonderful and we were able to share with the staff on our hospital floor as well.  His Aunt Vonnie brought some cookies and decorated the room with a wonderful historic photo of cars and a gas pump from the 40’s.  If we keep going this joint might look like home 😉

Later in the evening I was surprised by some of my family!  My nephew Brandon and niece Darla surprised us!  While they were here Brandon of course demolished the leftover pie just like we were at home.  I am pretty sure we all laughed so hard we should have been kicked out.  We also had a chance to Facetime the family up north in Waldo at Grandma Miley’s.

THEN – My brother Rick and girlfriend Katie stopped by as well to surprise us!   After 24 years of spending Christmas with him this year is a tough transition not to see him.  I had thought Shannon had arranged to have him surprise me, but Shannon was just as surprised and excited as well.

We were able to celebrate and remember dads birthday like we do each year with root beer floats!  Everything just fell together so smoothly and seamlessly – keeping some traditions alive even though we were not at home.  The entire day was just a simple gift from God.  I truly believe this!  Everything from our surprise visitors to the vascular surgeon being on call to the beautiful church service. EVERYTHING!

I am not going to lie – this week has been TOUGH and a true character and faith test.  Yes, the transplant was tough.  This adventure has been totally different though for both of us.  Today was such a gift from God and a breath of fresh air to help us keep pushing forward.  A reminder that his plan for us is bigger than I had ever imagined.  Our family and friends are rallying behind us and pushing us forward.  I say it time and time again – we are so BLESSED!

Love and God Bless!




3 thoughts on “A very blessed Christmas Eve!

  1. Thanks much for sharing all these words and pics with us. I also have had the best Christmas eve and Day that I have had for years., Maybe I should begin my blog about all the God-doings lately. Prayers, as you like Paul witness to those staff and patients you have contact with, May we all be letting God use us in HIS ways and for HIS glory. How’s that? k

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