Christmas Eve Eve Celebrations

4:00 p.m.

Life has been a little busy at the hospital the last 2 days.  We love having our family and friends come visit us!  I had forgotten I took these photos yesterday when Stacy, Denny Mom, Al, and Warren stopped by.  Somehow we took a photo of Stacy and Denny, but the phone did not save it.  Sorry Stacy!

We are working still to get the medication straightened out for Shannon.  This morning they took him off of his Neoral after us requesting them to do that for a few days and replaced it with something else.  Hoping it helps to make him feel better.

His leg is still swelled from the blood clot and his IRN number is not increasing very quickly.  Hopefully being here these extra days for the blood clot will help get everything straightened out!


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