Christmas Excitement

2:00 AM

Many of you know I shut off from social media and other things on the weekend and holidays.  It drives some people nuts.  Well I did just that again this holiday weekend and did not share much about life at the hospital.  Leading up to this weekend before Shannon’s surgery I had a lot of apprehension about how much we would be able to visit family – then after him being readmitted the apprehension about how to handle Christmas in a hospital began.  Little did I know that God had a plan.  Well I guess I know that he has a plan I just forget to embrace it and trust it will be okay.

God’s plan for our 2nd Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Davis? (Our 1st Christmas was an adventure as well so we are ready for some calmness.)

God’s plan?  His plan was to keep my best friend safe and recovering under our nurse and doctors care.  His plan was for us to keep pushing the doctors for answers, spread some cheer to those stuck in the hospital with us, and to receive some wonderful visitors!  I am guessing those visitors will continue to trickle in this week as well to help distract us from being here for so long.

God’s plan?  To remind us how to appreciate the small stuff.  For our entire lives we have been with our family on Christmas in this cycle of tradition.  While we will go back to the tradition in the future I hope, it changes and makes you appreciate those small traditions.  The tradition of breakfast each Christmas day on Dryden Road – Christmas Eve services in Stovertown – falling asleep in the afternoon at Barb and Warren’s after a full day of celebration.

God’s plan?  To remind us of the reason for the season.  Yes this phrase is used so often this time of year.  We both use it as well.  This year it means something different.  Being alone in your thoughts staring at the hospital ceiling together makes you pause to reflect and think more about the reason for the season.  Sitting in a hospital church service on Christmas Day reminds you that you of this.  So many different ways God is speaking to us.

God’s plan?  To fill our room with so much Christmas joy that when people walk in they are left speechless or filled with excitement!  Nurses and doctors come in to see what goodies family have left behind for them to munch on, enjoy the Christmas lights, or marvel at the nativity.

God’s plan?  Each day we need to have faith and trust that he has a plan for us.  Seeing our visitors today reminded us of this.

What did we do today on Christmas Day?  Now on to photo overload of the festivities!

We started off our day kind of gloomy and moping around so we started Facetiming and video chatting with some of the kiddos in our lives.  First a Facetime from Germany with the Parrish family so we could watch Wyatt play.  Then video chat with Megan and the kiddos to see what exciting presents Santa delivered!  Also, Facetime to Minnesota to check out Bentley’s latest zoo from Santa and the family!

Then little did I know that God’s plan for us on Christmas day was sent by papa Sands in full force!   I truly believe my Daddy-O send 2 people to help pull us out of our funk and jump start our day….Papa Moody and Kathy!  They have become surrogate parents to Shannon and I both!  They totally surprised us when they showed up on Christmas morning!

Then we went on a walk around the hospital.  Seeing how few cars are out front and missing the daily bustle of the hospital was a shock!  We went to the Christmas Day church service at The James for another needed distraction and a part of God’s plan!


The day continued on with Mom and Al of coming by.  And Barb and Warren.  We hated to disrupt their days, but are so thankful they came up to visit again!  The 4 of them are definitely logging some road miles this hospital stay!  And they are keeping us full of food and other goodies.  Shannon has fallen in love with cookies and buckeyes  made by Shirley Etters.


Then another round of surprise visitors came up!  The Miller family!  Susan, Brian, Andrea and Cale stopped by!  The evening was filled with car talk of course with Shannon trying to find more cars for Brian.  Susan delivered her famous cookies as well (I am hoping Shannon forgets they are here or else he needs to beat me to them!).  PLUS another special gift that was from her dad that we put on the tree.


Once again – God’s plan.  The ENTIRE day.

Now I am sitting up all night like a kid waiting on Santa.  I have video chatted all of my siblings and been texting everyone non-stop.  There were so many things that happened today I cannot even include it in one blog!  We are so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing family and friends!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Excitement

  1. So glad you had so many visitors. Sorry that we had to “quarantine” ourselves from you. Al so wanted to visit, but Mindy said it’d be best that he stay away for the time being in case he did catch the flu from me or her. If he gets thru Thursday with no signs of it, she told us we should be good to go on our annual trip to eastern PA to spend New Year’s Eve with friends there. So far, so good. I’ve been on Tamiflu for a couple of days now and feel bunches better! See you next year!

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