Day 8

Today Shannon told the nurse he was on day 7.  Ummmm….not really.  It is actually day 8 I reminded him.  NEVER again will I do that.  Whoa.  Evidently the excitement of Christmas is gone.  I keep reminding him about what a wonderful few days he has had, but he is ready to go home now.  The excitement is over and he just wants his puppies and his own bed.

Lord help me find patience!

He sent me home today to regroup for the week.  Evidently he wants to make sure his cats are okay at home and is demanding clean sleepy pants.  We sent some home, but they somehow did not end up back in Columbus.  Sitting here at home in Zanesville briefly is dangerous and the crabbiness is now starting on me.


I am not sure what triggered the extra crabbiness today from him!  Maybe he is in on sugar overload?  Maybe it was because I had to help him shower?  Who knows!

I do know that when we received the bloodwork results this morning his IRN number had not changed from a 1.4 and his head almost exploded.  The part of the movie in Secondhand Lions where they are in the hospital and bed pans are being thrown into the hallway is what instantly ran through my mind.  His IRN has to be above a 2 and his creatinine below a 2 for us to go home.  Now it is just a waiting game.

Lord help us if the numbers do not go the right direction!  The nurses will be ready to send us both packing!

Thank goodness there are visitors there in Columbus while I am traveling home today for both of our sanity.



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