First day out!

Well he made it through his first major day.  After 6 hours away from the house Shannon is wiped out and back in bed resting!

His leg has had enough walking and is swelled enough it is time for rest and elevation.  We pushed the Christmas celebrations back to Sunday so he can get one more day of rest in before his next step back into the real world.  He wants to be able to crawl on the floor to play with the kiddos again.  It is time for him to go back into the bubble for some rest so his body can recuperate. 

He said that it is frustrating that after all these years his mind and body is finally willing to go go go, but now his blood clot is what is pulling him back.  It is amazing the difference though in his personality, outlook on life, and patience to listen to his body after everything he has been through!  Sometimes I forget how much of him I have lost over the years to the disease until days like this when his spark comes back into his eyes and the cloudiness is gone from his brain….I will share more about the changes later I do not want to jinx anything so far with this being Day 2!

For now it is time for rest and to try to make sure we are on track.  Hopefully after a few more days I will find a way to relax more as well and know he is safe again.



One thought on “First day out!

  1. the earlier HOME blog made me want to reply with “Boots and all HaLLELUJAH!! ” Now, in addition, may u both get some rest, with the leg swelling going down and tomorrow morning come with wisdom about how much to do with patience!! HUGS!! k

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