First Day with his BOOTS!

This morning Shannon surprised me.  He woke up, organized his pills without me (of course being OCD I had to double check everything still), and dressed himself on his own!  My cowboy is back with his Wranglers on!  And better yet his BOOTS!!!!  He put his OWN boots ! 

Many people may not realize what a MAJOR deal this is, but after a month of watching him try to muffle the pain he was feeling each morning I am overwhelmed with emotion.  After helping him tie his shoes, pull his pants on, and generally have to hide his pride to let me help him through each day – I am speechless.  I have been so worried about returning to work full-time next week – he is determined this weekend to show me that he will be okay!

I am so very proud of this guy!   We had his first Starbucks visit to see his friends and are now visiting Dr. Vensil to work on the blood clot!  A very exciting day!!  Hopefully off to a running start for the new year!



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