Pinto is running, bucking and snorting !! 

Sorry for the lag time in my posts. I figure it was time for some updates. 

First, to say that Heather and I are humbled by the outpouring of love and prayers is an understatement. We have recieved so many messages, calls, cards, etc. God works in the most mysteriously wonderful ways! 

Like today. Dad took me back up for my Thursday blood draw and I was able to spend time with Andi. She had a checkup at transplant and sat and talked while I waited. I was grumpy this morning because the dang blood clot in this leg won’t give up! I belive it is God’s way to keep me from overdoing things! It is still a pain. I woke up a bear with a sore caboose and was grouchy at Heather and dad. That changed when Andi gave me another gift from her and the family, not that the kidney wasn’t enough!! I waited until Heather came home to open it. Heather has struggled returning to work this week. For some reason she is afraid I might pull a stupid stunt (who me??) I have to admit, not having her here with me all of the time has been different. For some crazy reason we actually enjoy being with each other! Anywho, we had a bumpy dinner because she was decompressing from her day and I was still being a grump. After we calmed down, we opened our gift. It was perfect!!! The Serinity Prayer, a married couple devotional book, Christmas tree ornament, and two simple little crosses in glass bubbles. They were a special gift picked out by Andi and Jeff’s son Kasen. He had put S and H on the paper they were wrapped in. We each opened them. Heathers said “Believe” and mine said “Faith”. Bam! Once more, through the pure heart of a young man God speaks right to both of us when we need it. After that, we opened mail. More get well cards. I have recieved so many and every one is so special! The generosity of people never ceases to amaze me. It is my goal in life to pay all of this forward!!! We are here on this earth for big things! Many of those big things may be a simple card telling you that you are missed. 

This whole endeavor had been a journey of Faith, Love, and Patience. All have been tested. I am sure I filled some of the bubbles on the tests out incorrectly (when in doubt pick C!) but I am still here taking the test! I figure that is a good sign. 

So here are the results of today blood draw. Even though my leg is jello and I have a blister on my lip (who knows!) my numbers are doing better! I still have room for improvement, but little Pinto is bucking and snorting and not giving up! She is a wild little cayoose and I’m not giving up either! They say mares are unpredictable, and how!! But I am learning more and more how to keep a female, wife and kidney 🙂 happy! I do dumb things, but hey I’m still 95% dude! 

Here are some numbers:

GFR: 43! (Highest since the last hospital stay!) 

Creatinine: 1.75! (Almost to the goal!) 

In a nutshell, greater the GFR the better the kidney flow. There lower the creatinine, the better the kidney is filtering. 

Just for reference, before transplant, my GFR was 10. 15 is considered failure. Creatinine was 5.96! 1.30 is considered the high number. So things are definitely moving in the right direction!!! 

Sorry for the long, windy, and sappy post. I will try to do better. Every time I start writing I feel better. Therapy! 

Love everyone!!!! Thank you again!! 




2 thoughts on “Pinto is running, bucking and snorting !! 

  1. THANKS for the long report. I am reminded that such a long report is what I keep wanting from sister and her family!! May both U and Heather be having a good, and less grumpy day, filled with more patience for both of u with safe traveling as I imagine Heather is working at one or both of her offices. k

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  2. ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    I had Kasen read this and he had a big smile on his face. That boy has such a big, loving heart.
    Thank you and Heather for pouring your guts out on hear. I just love it!! God is working through you in mighty ways!!😍


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