Follow-up Appointment

8:30 a.m.

Today is the 1st follow-up appointment since Shannon’s last hospital stay.  To say I am anxious is a total understatement!  I know, I know.  I am supposed to pray, have faith, it will all be okay.

That has been easier said than done since returning to work.  I know life will balance out, but this appointment and another one later in January seem to be standing in my way of life balance.  Plus it has been a definite trial trying to balance schedules since last Thursday.  More on that another day…I need the 3 day weekend to refocus and then I can share more.

I digress..back to TODAY before I recap the Sands family chaos from the past week.

My original plan BEFORE this appointment was to make sure we had a bag packed and the house ready to go in case they kept him for another hospital stay.  A back-up plan for the dogs and the horse stalls cleaned.  Needless to say, as the appointment has gotten closer and I have started back to work full-time none of this has happened.  This morning as I left the house all I could think about was – “What if they decide to keep him at OSU again?!?!  Can he handle this?  What will happen today?”  Which of course causes me to stress, stop by McDonald’s, cheat on my diet with a soda, and try to talk to God on my drive to school.

I know, I know.  Chances are he is coming home today after the appointment.   95% sure it will just be a quick review and we will be on our way out the door.   BUT – we have not had an appointment YET that he has come home from.  The last follow-up appointment he was crashing and burning due to his medication reaction.

THIS time?  THIS visit?  Yet another reaction to the medication.  The difference this time is his numbers from his blood draws are looking great!  BUT – he is struggling again to eat and drink due to the medication reaction once again to something else they have given him to help him with the new kidney.

I do not know how many times we have to tell the coordinator at OSU – HEY LISTEN TO US!!  She must not think we know what we are talking about.  When Shannon met with his coordinator yesterday she was surprised and shocked to see how much pain he was in and that he could not eat (He has continued to tell her this on the phone evidently she needed to see it in person?).  Hopefully this time with 2 of us sitting in an appointment we will get some action.  We are excited to see our doctor who listens so very well and always knows what is best for my wonderful husband.

Hopefully over the rest of the day God will help me find my patience.  Shannon is hoping God will help me have tact in my conversation and not be a bull in a china shop.  We will see!!  No guarantee !

End rant 😉

Hoping and praying!





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