Update: Appointment

Thursday – January 12

The doctors appointment went very well today!  Shannon was proud that I held my tongue and did not give the coordinator a piece of my mind for neglecting him as a patient.  The coordinator was very cordial though during the appointment and listened more than we had anticipated.

We advocated for a decreased dosage of his Potassium pill since he has been restricting food with potassium because his levels were so elevated.  So now he can go back to eating bananas regularly and hopefully that will help balance out the levels without taking 2 additional pills.

The doctor said the next appointment would be in 3 months.  Shannon of course was very excited.  I am still trying to find the excitement since I have lost trust with the coordinator.  I need to have faith that she will remember to review the bloodwork and communicate with us each week to adjust medication.

Overall the appointment was very uneventful.  Which we both think is a good sign!

After the appointment we went to pick up pizza and head to Andie’s for an amazing dinner with her family.  We love hanging out with them have fallen in love with the kiddos.

More to come soon! 


2 thoughts on “Update: Appointment

  1. Hi, from Indy. When I saw the date on this Home blog entry, I almost didn’t read it. checked when it arrived and then was glad to read and get the good report. Both of you, though, may u be relaxed and enjoy eating the bananas with continued positive progress. Hugs, hoping to see u on Sun. k

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