Then there was light

A few months ago my sister shared this blog with me. At the time I was feeling overwhelmed and lost as Shannon was struggling for his life in the hospital. Those that spoke to use during this time realized how close we were to losing him due to human error.  Everyone encouraged us to pray and prayer is the only way we made it through.  It was a very emotional time full of light and dark times as he recovered and returned home.


During this dark time it causes you to reflect on what was important.  Time to make you try to find lightness in such dark.

Since this time we have continued to have our full share of darkness and light. Life continues to throw us curve balls since the transplant that we had not expected. That is life though! I encourage Shannon to continue to share his story, but the darkness we are experiencing sometimes gets in our way. From insurance troubles to mortgage issues to more doctor visits – sometimes I look towards heaven and shout towards God – WHAT NEXT?!?

(I encourage you not to shout that.  You might not like the results.)


And then, something else happens again. I am learning to not curse or scream at God asking what is next or I might not like the result.  We now chat regularly, but not as often with the colorful language I used to use.

This entire blog post below is an amazing read, but the paragraph below rings true more the past few weeks than when I read it originally:

“Just a few years ago after my Dad passed away, I told myself the darkness would never be blacker. And in many ways I agree it’s never gotten so dark again. But like every life, I’ve seen my share of the night….moments of complete agony on my knees as I wonder how to even rebuild my life or keep steady when the storms pummel away at me and rock my foundation and my faith, I have screamed into the night—I have felt the darkness I felt at my Dad’s bedside all over again in a different way that took new forms. I have searched for stars to find only clouds at times. I have wondered where my friends are, where my path is, and why my eyes can’t adjust. I have begged for daybreak, just like you have.”

Take a moment and read.  Remember to look for the light during dark times.  Each day we are trying to.  Each day we are looking towards the light trying to focus on the blessing and gift Shannon has been given.


When we remember the amazing gift, we find the light once again.  We just need to remember to keep looking forward, trust God’s plan, and have faith it will all work out.




all our lemmony things

In the beginning there was darkness.

That’s always how the stories begin.

It starts right there at the bedside of your father as he takes his last breath. It starts at the wheel of your car, eyes blinded with tears, wondering how you’re going to tell your wife that you lost your job. It starts when you missed the electric payment for the second time in a row and the lights click off. It starts right there.

We’ve all been under the misconception that the darkness is where it all ends. That the light dims, the sun sinks behind the earth, the chill comes, and it’s over. It certainly feels over at times, doesn’t it?

But in the beginning there was darkness—even for God.

And how often we forget.


Just a few years ago after my Dad passed away, I told myself the darkness would never be blacker. And in many…

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